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Wallpaper Removal

Anytime you are thinking about having wallpaper removed, consider contacting Carrigan Painting in Akron to remove it for you. This isn’t something that is new to us, as this type of work is what we do on a routine basis. We have the experience needed to effectively remove any type of wallpaper. While the process can be rather time consuming and frustrating, it isn’t for our qualified professionals. This is because they use the most efficient methods to remove wallpaper. In addition to proven effective methods that they use to remove your wallpaper, they also have the right tools and equipment. Utilizing the right tools can make all the difference in how the job is performed. Our experts know most of the tricks of the trade, which is why it is far easier for them to remove your wallpaper than for you to do it yourself.

DIY Versus Hiring a Professional

Someone might be thinking about their next weekend project and it may be to remove some wallpaper. There is a lot that goes into doing this type of work, which they may not be fully aware until they get started. Rather than frustrating your self from the very beginning, why not just give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you. We know how overwhelming this type of work can be and that is why many people abandon the job. There are many things that should be considered when you want wallpaper removed. One of them is how long the job will take. You could watch some online videos to figure out how to do the job yourself but unfortunately, these videos don’t always provide a thorough tutorial. This is also something to keep in mind when considering a DIY weekend project. You are sure to receive the most efficient wallpaper removal services when you turn to a qualified professional.

Sticking With Your Budget

Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they handle the job themselves that they will be able to save money. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily true. In many instances, they usually end up wasting more money through their trial and error wallpaper removal process. Our qualified experts will begin by assessing your needs. Once they have determined the level of complexity to remove your wallpaper, they will be able to offer you an affordable quote. We often beat the competition because we offer the most affordable wallpaper removal services in the area. We are also able to offer you the most accurate estimate and are willing to put it in writing. This enables you to see clearly, what you are getting for the money and enables you to stick to your budget. Look around for other contractors that offer similar services and chances are that you will return to Carrigan Painting. We offer a complete job from start to finish so that you won’t have to have the job done over again.

Wallpaper Removal: Hidden Factors

Sometimes it is installed to ‘hide’ defects in a wall surface, that isn’t noticeable prior to removal. Often times multiple layers of wall paper are installed, with out proper prep between layers. Further complicating the process is the damage that can occur when you attempt to remove wallpaper. Sometimes this damage is avoidable, other times its not. Sometimes wallpaper comes off sometimes it doesn’t. This is why any contractor that gives you a written bid, with a set price, to remove wallpaper, you should be suspect of. No one knows how the wallpaper will come off just by looking at it. Further 3 walls in a room may come off beautifully, yet the 4th wall wont come off at all.

The other factors, is damage hidden by wallpaper which can include, but not limited too, cracks, holes, bumps and bulges. All these can, and have been effectively ‘hidden’ by wallpaper. You just dont know, until you remove it. Once removed, these ‘hidden factors’ need to be addressed prior to painting.

What Happens If You Can’t Remove the Wallpaper?

This is rare. We will try our best to remove wallpaper prior to painting. Painting over wallpaper is never a good idea, but sometimes its unavoidable. In these cases, having years of experience with both products, and application methods come into play in order to ensure you get the best outcome possible.


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