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At Carrigan Painting we have refined our wallpaper removal service to quickly produce results with minimal effort. We have accumulated all the special tools to remove it quickly, and efficiently. Whether its grass paper, or vinyl, we have seen it all, and have removed most of it. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, it just will not come off!

DIY Wallpaper Removal

This could be a week end project, if your ok on ladders. This is totally doable by most homeowners. Everything you need is available locally. Plus there is Youtube. But, if you would rather hire out the job, we would be happy to give you a free estimate for the work. When we bid removing wallpaper, we include patching and priming.

When wallpaper just won't come off!

It does happen. We use wallpaper removal steamers, its faster, easier, and often removes the wallpaper cleaner than scoring and Dif. However, sometimes even with a steamer, it still refuses to come off. In this case our only option is to seal it into the wall, and then paint. This is a last resort option, and is strongly discouraged.

Wallpaper Removal: Hidden Factors

Sometimes it is installed to ‘hide’ defects in walls or ceilings, that isn’t noticeable prior to removal. Often times multiple layers of wallpaper are installed, with out proper preperation between layers. Further complicating the process is the damage that can occur when you attempt to remove wallpaper. Sometimes this damage is avoidable, other times it is not. Sometimes wallpaper comes off and sometimes it doesn’t. No one knows how the wallpaper will come off just by looking at it. Further 3 walls in a room may come off beautifully, yet the 4th wall may not come off at all.

The other factors, is damage hidden by wallpaper which can include, but not limited too, cracks, holes, bumps and bulges. All these can, and have been effectively ‘hidden’ by wallpaper. You just dont know, until you remove it. Once removed, these ‘hidden factors’ will need to be addressed prior to painting.

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