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Third Generation

Company History

Carrigan Painting was established in 2010 by David Carrigan Jr in Amherst NY. With a lifelong interest in the building trades, my journey began at a young age working for my family's company David G Carrigan Plastering.

I have worked for many renowned contractors in the Amherst/Clarence area while also caring for my ailing father, who retired in 2000. In 2007, my dad sadly passed away. After settling his estate, I embarked on a lifelong dream to establish Carrigan Painting. My knowledge spans various trades and encompasses all stages of residential construction.

We specialize in Interior Painting & Exterior Painting as well as specializing in Plaster Repair & Drywall Repair services. We enjoy the work and strive to consistently meet the high standards for which we are renowned. We are not perfect, but we try our best.

We primarily work in Amherst, Clarence, Getzville, Lancaster, Snyder and Williamsville.

In 2016, Carrigan Painting relocated from North Forest Rd, Amherst N.Y. to Akron N.Y.

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Carrigan Painting


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About Carrigan Painting

94+ years of Excellence!

Good things come in 3's

1930 - 2024+

3 Generations of Excellence

Our Family Tree is rooted in building trades

Beginning in the 1930's there has been at least 1 Carrigan company operating in the Buffalo New York area. From William A. Carrigan Plastering (grand father), who constructed many of the homes and some commercial buildings in and around Buffalo NY. In addition to his Western New York work he also had multiple commercial projects in Pennsylvania and Ohio until the 1970's.

My parents generation decided to stay much more local to the Western New York region. While continuing plastering, they also branched out into drywall and painting. The Carrigan companies include, Town & Country Plastering (uncle), David G Carrigan Plastering (my father), Carrigan Drywall (cousin) and Carrigan Painting the company that I started.

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circa 1960

A word from the owner

Updated: March 17, 2024

This website & our blog is maintained by David G Carrigan Jr personally. There is no stock content anywhere on my website or blog. A marketing company/AI did not create any of the information on this website nor does a 3rd party handle any of our advertising. I added all the information (approximately 30,000 words), photos, videos.
I am a professional painter and plasterer by trade, marketing isnt my forte. But building out this website has been enlightening. I have learned a lot.

I update our blog during and/or after most jobs with lots of photos and sometimes a video of our work. If your looking for the latest job photos, our blog is where to go. You made it this far, you may as well get a free quote from me
I really do try my best to answer when the phone rings


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