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Exterior Painting

If you have been looking at your neighbors’ home with envy then it’s time that you give us a call at Carrigan Painting in Akron, NY. Instead of being envious of your neighbors because of the appearance of their house, make them envious of yours. This is possible when you know exactly which exterior paint colors will compliment your home the best. Often due to the color choices, some houses stand out for all the wrong reasons. If you want your home to stand out for the right reasons then rely on our talented team of professionals. Our experts have the necessary skills and qualifications to paint part of your house or your entire house. Regardless of the extent of the job you can be sure that our painters are always up for the task. Allow our team to make your house look better than it has ever looked before.

Carrigan Painting Uses High-Quality Products

Not every painting company is the same. And not all paints are the same. When it comes to exterior painting, the prep work is the same whether we use cheap paint, or good paint. Which is why when it comes time to choosing which products to use on your home, we rely on years of experience in the painting industry, and select nothing but the best products such as Sherwin Williams Exterior Duration, or Benjamin Moore Exterior Aura. The cost difference between lesser quality paints, and the best paints on a whole house repaint is with in a few hundred dollars. Why not use the best products for the best longevity of your project?

We Use The Right Tools for Exterior Painting Projects

Painting the exterior of a home, isn’t as easy as buying some paint and some brushes. You need to know what your getting yourself into as far as prep work, and what equipment you need, prior to even beginning to paint. With Carrigan Painting, prep work is key to any project. We use power tools such as sanders when ever we can. We also have a full range of equipment at our disposal such as ladders and scaffolding. Having the right equipment on hand to handle your project today, is what also makes Carrigan Painting stand apart from the rest.

Choosing the Carrigan Reputation

There is obviously more than one painting company in WNY. When you are looking for a reputable painting contractor then make sure you contact us. We have been in this business for decades and have the name recognition to prove it. We demonstrate a high level of professionalism, which many of our customers greatly appreciate. We never try to up-sell services that you do not need. Rather, we make sure that we only offer those services that we believe that you will be able to actually benefit from.

Using A Professional Painting Company

When you allow us to assume responsibility for your exterior painting needs, you can expect to get what you want. We have the tools and equipment needed and can source the best quality materials available. We have a reputation to uphold and are willing to work directly with our customers to get what they want and need. This includes receiving the services that you want at prices you can actually afford.

Why Choose Carrigan Painting

If you are interested in receiving high quality exterior painting at prices that you can afford, call Carrigan Painting. We’ll perform a complete evaluation of the work that you would like to have completed so that we can offer you fair pricing for the job. You will receive a very detailed quote of exactly what will be painted and what materials will be used.


David Carrigan and the team of professionals are licensed to work.


Carrigan Painting is fully insured and bonded, meaning your home is safe.


All employees undergo a thorough background check and drug screening.

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The 3-Step Project

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    Our work often requires coordination with the homeowner and/or project manager.

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    Weather aside, we show up on time and get the job done, so you can move on!

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