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Interior Painting

If you’re looking for a local painting professional to take care of your interior painting needs, look no further than Carrigan Painting. At Carrigan Painting, we proudly work with highly trained, professional painters. Our painters pay close attention to the details of the work they are performing. If you have attempted to paint a room in your home before but it didn’t turn out the way that you had hoped, then it’s time to leave it in the hands of our qualified professionals. With the level of experience and training that our painters have, You are sure to get a professional painting job, on time and with in your budget.

Quality Interior Painting Services

As with any painting project, painting is only a small fraction of the job. Where as prep work is key to any great result. We understand this, and will make the necessary repairs to walls, ceilings trim and doors that are needed prior to painting. While we are not carpenters, we do work with master carpenters if the need should arise.

We also know which products to use, and how to use them to ensure you get the best possible job, for a reasonable rate. We only use quality products from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG. We know that its sometimes easier for folks to go to the big box stores to get their materials, however with years of working with paint suppliers, we can get better products, for your project than is is available elsewhere. Further, if we run into a problem that we need advice on, we can call on our Sherwin Williams Rep for assistance.

Why Hire Carrigan Painting

There are plenty of people, such as friends and family, who will offer to help paint your home. However, as well meaning as they may be, allowing them to paint the interior of your home might be a huge mistake. You could rely on any painter to paint for you but when you want to be sure that the job will be done right, it would serve you best to call Carrigan Painting. We have the know-how to effectively maneuver through situations that could hinder others, in their ability to paint a certain area of your home. We come with the necessary tools, equipment and insurance needed to get the job done, on time and with in your budget. In the most extreme cases, way may rent equipment, however after decades of job experience, we have amassed the equipment needed to complete 99.99% of jobs out there. What other painting company can say that? This means, your project isn’t delayed because the equipment needed isn’t available to rent.

Reputable & Reliable Painters

As one of the most reputable and reliable painting contractors in WNY, we know that we have to deliver the quality of services that are expected of us. We have built our reputation on consistently providing customers with high-quality work at reasonable rates. If this sounds good to you and you are convinced that hiring a reputable and reliable painting contractor is important, call Carrigan Painting today. We’re happy to meet with you about your project and offer you a free quote. We look forward to working with you.


David Carrigan and the team of professionals are licensed to work.


Carrigan Painting is fully insured and bonded, meaning your home is safe.


All employees undergo a thorough background check and drug screening.

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The 3-Step Project

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