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Updated: February 16, 2024

Water Damage Ceiling Repairs

Our Specialty

Learn a lot more about Plaster Repair and/or Drywall Repair from a 3rd Generation local expert. Scroll down for a small sample of our wall and ceiling repair work.
We prime and paint our repair work.
For nearly 15 years homeowners in the Buffalo NY suburbs have rigtly put their trust in Carrigan Painting to repair their ceilings and restore them to their previous glory.

plaster ceiling repair and painting in Amherst, NY
Plaster ceiling damage from a plumbing leak, with custom texture. We repaired the hole with real plaster, and painted the ceiling - Amherst NY
Plaster ceiling repair
This plaster ceiling was damaged by heat from the light. The previous homeowner likely used 2, 60-100+ watt light bulbs in the fixture and literally baked the plaster finish coat off the ceiling.
plaster crack repair
This home in Amherst NY had a bunch of cracks in the plaster walls and ceiling. We opened up the cracks to give the new plaster more to key into. With real plaster repair, you only apply material to the damaged area, unlike with drywall. Learn a lot more about repairing plaster cracks here or drywall cracks here
ceiling and wall repair in Clarence, NY
Major water leak in this Clarence NY home. 2 ceilings here, the original plaster ceiling and then a drywall ceiling below it. It is sometimes cheaper & easier to cover a damaged ceiling with new drywall than to fix the damage. However if water damage is involved, the water damaged plaster/drywall should be removed prior to hanging a new ceiling.
Popcorn ceiling repair and painting
A service man working in the attic of this home in Williamsville NY mis-stepped, and created this hole in a bedroom ceiling. We repaired the hole in the drywall ceiling and applied new popcorn texture. Then painted the ceiling. New popcorn texture doesnt dry white. Also, new popcorn texture is rougher than painted popcorn texture. So it must be painted to ensure color and texture uniformity.
water damage plaster ceiling and wall repair
This was the result of a small water leak. The corrosion is called Efflorescence which is a condition where (salt) deposits (in the form of a fluffy white powder) form on the plaster surface. All efflorescence must be removed prior to applying new patching material or there is a risk of re-starting the chemical process that caused the efflorescencein the first place.
water damage plaster ceiling repair in Amherst, NY
Plaster ceiling repair involving water damage in Amherst NY 14226. The only reason we did not open the cracks on this job is because the ceilings and walls in this home are made out of cement-based plaster which is extremely dense and hard. Our attempts to fix the cracks would actually make the situation worse. So we opted to hide them instead. It should be noted, that the homeowners spent months trying to find someone to properly repair this damage until they found us.
water damage drywall repair in East Amherst, NY
Water damage drywall repair in this East Amherst NY 14051 home. This is due to not enough flashing where the roof meets the siding in the valley above this area. If your home faces East or West, and you live in one of those newer homes in East Amherst - Clarence Center (north of Greiner Rd, east of Transit Rd.), you may have this issue as well at some point. This is between the great room and the kitchen.
fix plaster cracks and drywall cracks
This is an example of how not to fix cracks. The 'repair' on the left is relying completely on the bad adhesion of the ceiling paint. This is an example of wasted of time and money. The plaster ceiling above the ceiling paint (green) is free to move as the previous attempt at the ceiling crack repair doesnt actually attach to the plaster ceiling at any point. The other mistake, is the lack of material prior to laying the mesh tape.

On the right, we chipped out the crack and opened it up. After this picture was taken, we scraped off the loose paint, and repaired the crack properly.

Here is a more indepth analysis on how to properly repair wall & ceiling cracks

plaster bulge repair.
A fairly large plaster bulge on this ceiling that someone else attampted to fix. They laid mesh tape than applied drywall compound over the top. As you can see it held up woderfully. Unfortunately, this ceiling was no longer actually attached to anything. Once we knocked a hole in it, we removed the rest by hand. Installed metal lath over the wood lath, plaster base coat, then Lime and Plaster of Paris finish.
Plaster ceiling repair in Amherst, NY

This home is known as the Buterfly house- not a typo

Ceiling Repairs

We repair the two most common wall and ceiling systems in human history. (Drywall & Plaster) We have nearly 15 years of provable 5 star rated experience repairing the same. While many painting contractors advertise plaster and drywall repair, Carrigan Painting is the only one that recognizes that they are in fact two different animals and should be handled differently.

Almost anyone can repair minor wall and ceiling damage, after all you can buy drywall mud, premixed in a bucket. All you have to do is apply it. Sand it smooth and ta da! Patched. With our website, Google and Youtube, the average person should be able to figure out how to patch minor damage to walls and ceilings with relative ease.

Its the more complicated repairs is when its often a good idea to at least speak to a local expert in the industry about repairing the damage. When it involves large repairs, big cracks, water damage, big holes, ect things can become a bit more complicated. Especially if it involves water! Which is why you should at least give us a call, or drop us an E-Mail.

Our blog has even more pictures and is updated often.

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