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Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings became a thing back in the 1970's when it was discovered that builders could save money on properly finishing ceilings by spraying texture. While the glamor of popcorn is gone, there are practical uses for popcorn ceilings besides the aesthetics. The biggest being that popcorn is excellent at hiding defects and absorbing sound. Whether that be cracks that can't be repaired, or damage to the ceiling thats too costly to fix properly. Often times, its far cheaper to repair a damaged popcorn ceiling and then paint it, than it is to remove it.

Reasons To Remove a Popcorn Ceiling

Depending on the age of your home, is the biggest factor in determining if your popcorn has asbestos. You should Never scrape or sand a popcorn ceiling dry. Not only is that dusty and dirty, but you could make potential asbestos airborne which is detrimental to your health. When we remopve popcorn, we use water, and a lot of it, and scrape it off wet. Its messy, but its the safest, easiest way to remove it.

Take note that removing a popcorn ceiling will often impact the walls directly beneath it. Meaning the top corners often need to be repaired where the wall meets the ceiling. Just be aware of this.

This shows an 'easy off' Popcorn Ceiling Removal

They are NOT all this easy!! The fan doesnt work and was replaced after we were done

Repairing Popcorn Ceiling

There are people who actually like their popcorn ceiling because it helps absorb sound, and hides defects in the ceiling. This is especially true if the ceiling(s) have cracks or other damage that can’t be fixed. In these cases, they may not want the popcorn removed; they just need some repairs made to it. We are capable of making any needed repairs to your popcorn ceilings, using the same method which was used when the popcorn was applied initially. Spraying popcorn requires special equipment. You can not duplicate the texture of a popcorn ceiling using a spray can from a big box store.

Repairing a Popcorn Ceiling the Right way

Applying popcorn texture demands specialized equipment that many painting contractors are hesitant to acquire. It also necessitates significant upper body strength to manage the hopper without spilling any onto the floor.

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