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Frequently Asked Questions

Carrigan Painting FAQ's

With three generations of knowledge, we are a resource for questions about plastering, painting, popcorn ceilings, and more. We've compiled the more common questions and answers.

Why choose Carrigan Painting over a competitor?

What can we expect when receiving a bid from you?

I try to get all my bids together with in 7 days. With each bid, you will receive a copy of our contract and cover page. I hand write my contracts, and I list exactly what we are doing, where we are doing it, and exactly what materials will be used. I do this so that my customers know exactly what we are doing and what products we are using.

Ok so we like your price, and wish to hire you... Now what?

Please sign and date the white copy of the contract and return it to us. We use the white copy as a to-do list when we start your job. Also please include the down-payment with the white copy.

Depending our our schedule, we may or may not deposit your check right away. The reason for this is to keep your funds separate from other jobs we have going on. About a week before we are scheduled to begin, we will contact you to finalize colors, so that we can order the paint and materials we need.

What's the difference between Plaster and Drywall?

First, real plaster is mixed on site. The process is, you mix lime, (we mix up pails of lime at our shop) and plaster of paris - a powder, then must apply it with in 40 minutes or it goes hard. We prefer to use real plaster to fix plaster repairs. It makes for a better finish. and is often completed in one day. The downside however is depending upon the repair, you must wait 7 days to paint. And use an oil based primer.

Drywall compound however comes in two forms. In a bucket, (premix) or in a bag. Drywall compound can be applied to plaster or drywall, where as plaster is limited to plaster. The main differences between the two, is that with drywall compound you typically do not need an oil primer. Drywall 'mud' often takes multiple coats, which depending on the job can span multiple days. And you have to sand drywall compound, where as with plaster there is no sanding.

Drywall came into mass production after WWII as a way to speed up the building of homes. It can take mere months to learn how to finish drywall, whereas it takes YEARS to learn how to finish plaster. Given this gap in expertise, drywall was faster, cheaper, and easier to install on a mass scale.

If your home has real plaster, we will use real plaster to repair any damage if we can. There are a few major benefits over drywall. For one, plaster is fireproof. Its essentially crushed stone, that is been chemically bonded to give you a virtually indestructible surface. It has excellent sound deadening properties. It holds up to children much better than drywall. Where drywall would have a hole to fix, with plaster you might chip it.

What time do you usually start/stop working?

We typically start between 8:30 and 9:00am. The reason for this is many people we work for are super busy in the mornings getting their kids off to school or getting ready for work. So that we dont get in the way, we will often start a little later. However if you would prefer us to start at 8am we can certainly do that as well.

We will typically end our day between 4pm and 6pm. It actually varies, and depends on numerous factors.

I've called the Office and gotten your voicemail. What gives?

My shop number is forwarded to my cell phone. I did that so if I am able, I can answer the phone right away. However sometimes answering the phone is not easy to do and I will let it go to voicemail. This happens if I am on a ladder, speaking to a customer, or driving, etc.

Please feel free to reach me via text 716-697-3560

Why do you require power for exterior painting if you don't spray?

While we do not spray, we do use power sanders and power tools when ever possible. We have found through experience that power sanding is both faster, and makes for a better job overall. We try to avoid hand sanding. However sometimes we have to resort to it. Hand sanding is very labor intensive and doesnt produce the same results as power sanding. We also like to vacuum at the end of the day, as it makes the final day go easier on us, and it makes for a cleaner worksite.

Do you accept credit cards or do financing?

At this time we do not accept credit cards or offer financing options.

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