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We service the suburbs of Buffalo NY
Ceiling Repair from Water Damage- East Amherst, NY

Water damage drywall ceiling repair (plumbing leak). Drywall began to sag, so it had to be removed and replaced with new drywall. Once the ceiling was patched, and spot primed, we painted the dining room. - East Amherst, NY

Established in 2010, we have maintained a 5 star rating on Google by providing homeowners like you in the Buffalo NY area with excellent workmanship and customer service! We have an extensive library of our past projects and valuable information regarding Drywall Repair and Interior Painting.

We try to answer all correspondence with in 2 hours. We often conduct our bids in the evenings after 5pm, or on Saturday mornings.

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We provide professional drywall repair service to all areas south of Rt 31, and west of Rt 77, north of 20A. (Basically all of WNY)

Unfortunately we do not work in the City of Buffalo at this time. (requires expensive licensing)

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hiring Carrigan Painting for drywall repair

We acknowledge that you must live in your home while we carry out our work and are committed to reducing our disruption to your daily routine. Repair work typically consists of four separate phases, each potentially spanning one to three days or more depending on the complexity of the job. These phases frequently overlap.

Phase I

Setup & Demo: We set up the job, bring in necessary tools, equpment & materials. This is by far the loudest phase of the job, as we often are using power tools and hatchets. Also tends to be the dirtiest, but we clean up daily, and we cover everything with plastic. Dust containment is an art.

Phase II

The Repair: We are installing new material in this phase. Depending on the job, this may require multiple consecutive days. We try to start this Phase as quickly as possible so the drywall compound can begin to dry.

Phase III

Priming & Painting: We prime all of our repair work. This shows us the imperfections in our work, while providing us an opportunity to fix them while still on site. This has effectively eliminated our call-backs. We also paint most of our repair work as well, giving everyone more time to inspect our work. Yes, we want you to critique our work!

Phase IV

Clean up & Touchups: Its the end of the job. We are doing a much more thoruogh clean up than previously, and we are doing any final touch ups before we conclude the job.

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Drywall crack repair in Williamsville, NY

This is the ceiling from the video above.

Drywall crack repair in Williamsville, NY

Cracked drywall repair and painting in Williamsville, NY (new flooring installed after we finished)