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COVID19 / Corona-Virus Protocol

Carrigan Painting is taking extra pre-cautions at our work-sites with our employees and our clients. The goal is to neither expose Carrigan Painting personnel to the virus, nor knowingly expose anyone else that may come in contact with the virus.

If an employee presents at work with flu like conditions, we will immediately instruct said employee to leave the workplace and seek medical attention. That employee will be instructed that they are not to came back to work at Carrigan Painting until they are cleared by a medical doctor.

If we encounter a client that presents flu like symptoms, we will remove ourselves from that job as quickly as possible and discuss options that we have with that client.

All equipment on site will be disinfected.

Personnel hygiene and equipment cleaning procedures have become even more critical in our day to day work procedures. Clean hands and equipment will always be the practice that we maintain.

We will be in daily contact with our clients for ongoing projects to ensure that nothing has changed on their project. Communication will be a critical part of our daily work scope.

Carrigan Painting will ensure that we will do all that we can to minimize any exposure to the COVID19 virus.

The recent developments with numerous public event cancellations, travel suspensions, stock market changes, and general societal anxiety will affect our business and client interactions of the next 60-90 days, and possibly longer. Carrigan Painting will be doing all that we can to continue to work and complete our projects as safely as we can.

I want to make sure that you are aware that Carrigan Painting is very cognizant of the present situation. It is top of mind for everything we are doing. We consider our employees and our clients an integral and important part of our team at Carrigan Painting. We will not knowingly do anything that jeopardizes the health of either.

Please feel free contact me if you have any questions.

David G Carrigan Jr.
Owner of Carrigan Painting

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