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Plaster Repair

*Tip: If you have a water leak, and notice water dripping from a ceiling, use a pen,  or a knife,  to poke a hole where it is dripping from.  Doing this,  will help prevent more damage from occurring.*

*Tip: Water stains, and water damaged plaster and drywall need to be primed with an oil or alcohol based primer such as Problock HS (oil),  Kilz (oil) or Zinnser BIN (alcohol). Latex primers will not seal a water stain.*

*Tip: New plaster needs 7 days to dry prior to painting.  At which point an Oil base primer such as Kilz or Sherwin Williams Problock HS must be used.  However if the new plaster is allowed to cure for a full 28 days, latex primer, such as Glidden Gripper may be used, and then top coated with your choice of paint.*

Water Damage to Entire Home (Cheektowaga) 10-20-13 

Water Damage to a Bedroom Wall (Cheektowaga)

 Leaky toilet above 1st floor Bathroom (Snyder)

 Water damage & Structural Cracks in bedroom ceiling  (Snyder)

 Water damage to Kitchen Ceiling and Hallway chimney  (Clarence)


Updated 11/7/13